Theory of BAS

Scott Cochrane, Scott Sammarco , TBD
3 days
$350.00 USD

Course Overview: Building Automation is one of the fastest growing industries and one of the most complicated. It is an industry that truly takes a lifetime to learn. If you are new or looking to bring someone into the industry, as our founder, Don Cochrane, Sr., used to say, you must learn the vocabulary first. Cochrane Tech Services is pleased to introduce a course that provides exactly that. In the Theory of BAS, students from any industry background will receive the knowledge needed to join the next BAS conversation. Dive into real-life tools, examples, and industry vocabulary that will form the foundation for initiating an exciting journey through the world of building automation.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Building Automation Systems (BAS)
    • Covers the history of BAS, overview of system types, modern day BAS, and systems integration
  • Business of BAS
    • How to build a building and The BAS Team. An overview of the stakeholders involved in BAS projects, their roles and how they work together
  • Mechanical Systems
    • An overview of mechanical systems in commercial buildings. Learn about air systems, water systems, heating, and cooling
  • BAS Sytem Inputs & Outputs
    • An over view of end devices and the roles they play in building automation systems
  • BAS Controllers
    • How controllers are used to control equipment and end devices. Learn about communication protocols
  • BAS Supervisor
    • What is a supervisor and how is it used by integrators and end users, and how it brings the entire BAS system together
  • Energy Management
    • How energy management is achieved using building automation systems

Class Logistics Notes: Please note that the training will still take place from 9:00-5:00 pm EST. Students should be in a distraction free environment to make sure that they are able to focus during the session. We encourage the students to use their webcam if possible to allow for better interaction and communication in the virtual environment (though this is not a requirement!). Please do not hesitate to ask questions during the class! This can be done using the chat feature in the video conferencing software or verbally.

Target Audience: Students looking for an introductory level course on Building Automation Systems (BAS), mechanical equipment and controls.


  • Each student is required to have a Windows 8/10 based laptop or computer with web browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
  • Students will be required to have an internet connection in order to access the class.
  • Students are expected to have a functional working knowledge of Windows and computers, including: understanding navigation, locating files, folder structures, file paths, browser basics, cut/copy/paste, and using a mouse/keyboard (right/left click) in order to be successful in this class.
  • Students should have a distraction free environment for the class. It is also recommended that the student have an additional monitor for use during the class.

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